Different Types Of Fuel Nozzles

Different Types Of Fuel Nozzles

Fuel nozzles are an important part of any fuel-dispensing system. You’ve probably seen Fuel Nozzles at gas stations. They are linked to the pump with flex hoses so they can easily reach the fuel inlet on the vehicle. 

Most often, the color of a fuel nozzle gives you an idea about what kind of fuel it can dispense. This color coding varies from country to country and even from retailer to retailer.

When choosing a fuel nozzle type, you need to decide if you want an automatic or a manual one. When the vehicle being refueled is full, an automatic fuel pump nozzle shuts off the fuel supply. This stops more fuel from being poured into the vehicle and prevents it from overflowing. 

On the other hand, a manual fueling nozzle needs someone to watch over it while the fuel is being filled. It costs less and works well when the user doesn’t care much about an automatic shut-off. 

Various Types of Fuel Nozzles

Let us walk you through the various fuel nozzle types to understand their specifications and application.

  • Diesel Fuel Nozzles

These nozzles control the diesel fuel flow during dispensing. The nozzles are made of aluminum, which is lightweight and resistant to corrosion.

Diesel fuel automatic shutoff nozzles stop supplying fuel when the tank is full or if the nozzle comes off the tank. They include an inbuilt check valve that prevents leakage when the nozzle is removed from the tank. The angled shape of the nozzles minimizes hose kinking for smooth fuelling. They have a plastic scuff shield to safeguard the nozzle against damage.

Manually-operated diesel nozzles use a trigger to control the flow. When the nozzle is in use, it must not be left unattended.

With nozzles fitted with a three-position hold-open clip, you need not hold the trigger while fuel is been dispensed.

  • Gasoline Hose Nozzles

You can control the flow of gasoline with these nozzles. They are sometimes referred to as nozzles for service stations. The nozzle will automatically shut off when the fuel tank is full or if it falls from the tank. 

When the nozzle is removed from the tank, a built-in check valve stops leakage. The stream straightener (also called a stream shaper) at the tip of the nozzle minimizes turbulence for less spilling. 

A plastic scuff shield safeguards the nozzle from breaking. You can also connect a splash guard attachment (available separately) to safeguard your hand from the splash. These nozzles are also manufactured from aluminum, which is light in weight and resistant to rust.

Tatsuno is a renowned petrol pump machine manufacturer in India that also supplies various types of fuel nozzles.

  • Hydraulic Hose Nozzles

The Hydraulic Nozzles enable you to control the amount of hydraulic fluid while pouring it. In order to stop the flow, you must manually press the trigger. The nozzles are made of aluminum, which makes them light in weight and rustproof. 

There are two types of Hydraulic nozzles:

The first kind has a bigger spout and higher flow rate than the second type in order to rapidly dispense huge amounts of hydraulic fluid.

The angled shape of the second kind prevents hose kinking for effective fueling.

  • Tanker Delivery Nozzle

High-speed tanker delivery nozzles are designed to help in bulk tanker deliveries. These nozzles are sturdy and are made of cast aluminum with an aluminum spout. They come with a valve that keeps fuel from draining out of wet hose systems. 

The maximum flow rate of the nozzle is 415 lpm, and the maximum pressure is 7 bar. These nozzles are suitable to transfer kerosene, diesel and heating oil.

To Conclude

Hope this blog helps you understand the various types of fuel dispenser nozzles that are commonly used across the globe. Each type of nozzle has its own distinct use. And within one type of nozzle, you can find many variations. You can choose the one that best suits your industry requirements.

Tatsuno, the leading fuel dispenser manufacturer in India, provides a diverse range of fuel dispensing double poppet nozzles for the refueling of vehicles and the general transfer of gasoline/diesel from one container to another, such as when filling a fuel storage tank from a delivery tanker. The Ultra Nozzle – AUTOMATIC and the Ultra Nozzle Vapour Recovery are part of our range of gasoline dispensing nozzles. You have better control over the widest range of flow rates with these nozzles.

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