Tatsuno Premium Dispensers

A digital panel with an IPS full-view display features a wide viewing angle, vivid color, and great image quality, as well as speaker capabilities.


Quality focused approach

  • Pioneering technology in production with robotics and humanoids
  • Critical components including the drift-free meters produced and distributed to its group companies exclusively through this plant
  • Uniform quality standards across all group companies

Product and Innovation

  • Ahead-of-the-curve technology for all types of fuels including LNG, Hydrogen and EV.
  • Drift free metering units with the best accuracy (0.25%) and repeatability in the world with calibration required only once in 7 years. Meters designed for higher ethanol blending up to 80%.
  • Vertically integrated across the product chain


  • Large and clear display with high luminance of 1450 Candela/m^2.
  • First in segment – Bigger digit size (50mm Height) as compared to 40mm digit size for conventional dispensers
  • 3 level retraction based on vehicle positioning.
  • Enhanced Safety – Using hose retractions greatly reduces the incidence of work-related accidents caused by the tripping.
  • Prolongs life- Reduces wear and tear increasing the service life of hoses up to five times.
  • Bezel added to the electronic counter to have a distinct stylish and premium look.
  • Enhances customer experience through rich content on the screen.
  • Touch screen system with video player increases profitability by playing promotional media.
  • Reduces the amount of petrol vapor generated due to refueling.
  • High gloss (80-85%) finish panels for better aesthetics as compared to the conventional MPDs installed at IOCL stations.
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