Non Space Type SN08

Suitable For Small Retail Outlets With Small Fueling Area Since It Does Not Occupy Any Floor Space Leaving The Forecourt.

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Overhead/Non-Space Type Dispensing Units

Tatsuno Space-fill ceiling suspension type petrol dispensing pump can be equipped with all safety measures and a variety of convenient functions. Its fuelling hoses, display units, pumps, meters, etc. take up no ground space in the fuelling area.

  • Does not occupy any floor space leaving the forecourt completely free of installed   dispensing equipment and removes all potential accidental damages to the dispensing unit
  • Suitable for small retail outlets with small fueling area and locations where land cost is very high
  • Since underground pipe lines and cables are not routed through forecourt area, maintenance of these will not affect the sales of forecourt
  • Up to 3 fueling positions and 3 various products available on the same equipment
  • With the Industry leading bipolar, potted magnetic pulser without any moving parts, AES-128-bit data encryption and a host of other features to ensure secure and tamper-proof fueling

Space-saving solution

Use the limited space of the filling station efficiently. Furthermore, overhead solution can contribute to the originality of your station.

Excellent hose reel and Increased fueling range
An easily movable hose reel with a long hose which offers up to 6 meters of fueling range which allows you to fuel a car from whichever position you want.
Slim and lightweight hose reel
A compact and light hose reel with a cover from rustproof plastic will always keep your hoses save. Easy access into the reel also allow an easy maintenance. You can choose from a single hose, double hose and a triple hose model depending on your needs and requirements.

Handy Counter

Tatsuno’s certified Ultra nozzles provide precise petrol dispensing at 45L/min with a double poppet design for accurate control. Their ATEX certification ensures safe operation, making them ideal for fueling applications.

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