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Tatsuno Supplies Better Automatic Standard & Prepay Nozzles.


Fuel Dispensing Nozzles And Accessories Manufacturer in India  

Fuel dispenser nozzles and accessories are parts that connect to either the source of fuel or the recipient tank so that gaseous or liquid fuels can be transferred from one to the other. The vacuum pressure builds up in the handle of the nozzle until it pushes a small valve inside the handle. This action makes a lever move, which turns the handle trigger and stops the flow of fuel. There are two types of fuel dispenser nozzles:

  • Auto Stop Dispensing Nozzles
  • Just Stop or Pressure Sensitive Dispensing Nozzles

Types of Nozzles Manufactured by Tatsuno India

Tatsuno is a supplier of superior automated standard and double poppet ATEX-approved fuel dispenser nozzles.

Ultra Nozzle

  • This type of nozzle is suitable for petrol, kerosene, and diesel.
  • It comes with or without an automatic deactivating mechanism.
  • Ultra nozzles manufactured by Tatsuno are KHK/ATEX certified.
  • The polished finish and heat treatment of the latch pin and latch guide make them last longer.
  • Lightest nozzle which achieves stress-free refueling.
  • Automatic shut-off mechanism that works with minimum flow 2L/min.
  • Maximum flow rate: 45L/min

Ultra Nozzle Vapour Recovery

  • This type of nozzle is suitable for petrol.
  • A/L proportional vapour valve or On/Off vapour valve.
  • Ultra nozzles with vapour recovery manufactured by Tatsuno are KHK/TUV/ATEX certified.
  • The double poppet gives better control at low flow rates, making sure that the delivery is accurate.
  • Maximum flow rate: 45L/min
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