Established in 2006

Tatsuno India Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility situated at Taloja, Raigad (Near Navi Mumbai) is designed under direct supervision from Tatsuno Japan. The manufacturing and quality processes include Japanese Kaizen and 5S techniques for continuous improvement.

About Tatsuno

Established in 2006, Tatsuno India Private Limited provides equipment and fuel dispensing systems to the retail petroleum sector. operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tatsuno Corporation Japan, the first company to obtain the most recent certificate for accuracy and repeatability standards, and one of the largest manufacturers of systems and equipment for the retail petroleum industry worldwide.

The company offers all-inclusive solutions for everything from retail store convenience and safety to petroleum equipment production, marketing, and maintenance. Products and parts of the company, including its pumping and metering unit, are globally recognised for their advanced technology, dependability, and longevity (e.g., drift-free metres, highest MTBF, lowest TCO, product longevity, etc.).

Tatsuno India Private Limited is an organisation that possesses an ISO 9001:2015 certification. At Taloja, Raigad, near Navi Mumbai, Tatsuno Japan is directly in charge of the design of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. To achieve continuous improvement in the manufacturing and quality processes, Japanese Kaizen and 5S techniques are applied.

To serve the society by empowering people with safe, reliable and innovative products and services aligned with changing times
Our commitment to stakeholders shall be unmatched. We will achieve efficiency and deliver value through optimal resource utilization within the boundaries of safe and environment-friendly work practices. Our people will be our strength and our customers, our pride.
Parent Company History

Tatsuno India, established in 2006 as a Tatsuno Corporation Japan subsidiary, is a global leader in fuel dispensing systems. ISO 9001:2015 certified, it’s recognized for cutting-edge and reliable products, setting industry standards.

Established Tatsuno Manufacturing
Produced the first gasoline dispenser in Japan
Changed the company name to Tokyo Tatsuno Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Delivered Japan’s first metering dispenser (the predecessor of today’s automatic dispensers) to Air Corps
Completed clock-face gasoline dispenser
Completed Model 58-P, an automated gasoline dispenser with the petrol scale that automatically returned to zero
Established a subsidiary company Nippon Engineer Service which specialized at after-sales service, and created a directly-operating service network with 49 offices all around Japan
Completed and launched the world’s first ceiling-suspended overhead gasoline dispenser, Tatsuno’s patented Non-space dispenser
Launched Model 64 fixed gasoline dispenser Constructed Yokohama Plant
Changed the company’s name to Tokyo Tatsuno Co., Ltd.
Launched Punch writer, the first POS terminal in the gas station industry Service station display at the world exhibition in Osaka.
Launched the self-service tall-type dispenser (for foreign markets)
Launched Micom Sunny with electronic counter
Launched the world’s first compact IC card reader/writer
Launched the New Sunny Alpha Series, a robotic fully operated gasoline dispenser
Received the Kanagawa Engineering Development Award for the robotic fuel dispenser
Launched a gasoline dispenser with fuel contamination protection
Changed the company’s name to Tatsuno Mechatronics Co., Ltd.
Yokohama Plant received ISO9001 certification
Received ISO9001 for fixed gasoline dispensers
Yokohama Plant was certified as the Designated Manufacturing Business Operator for LPG and gasoline dispensers
Received The Japan Petroleum Institute Award for Technological Progress for the Contamination protection system
Launched the New Multi/New Alpha, a dispenser which allowed an installation of an outdoor POS apparatus
Developed Japan’s first retail hydrogen dispenser for fuel cell vehicles Installed the dispenser at JHFC Yokohama Tsurumi Station
Yokohama Plant received ISO14001 certification
Launched NewMulti-X for self service
Established Tatsuno India Private Limited.
Launched the vapor recovery system Ecostage L100 intended for fuel unloading
Celebration of 100th anniversary
Merged Tatsuno Mechatronics Co., Ltd. and Nippon Engineer Service and changed the name to Tatsuno Corporation Co., Ltd.
Launched the world’s first fuel dispenser with a vapor recovery system Sunny NX D70
Tatsuno India History

Established in 2006, Tatsuno India Private Limited is engaged in the business of fuel dispensing equipment and systems for petroleum retail industry

Commencement of HDPE pipeline business in alliance technical partner NUPI
Introduced product cleaning solutions
Introduced tank and line testing solutions to India
Commenced manufacturing operations in India and started exporting to African countries
Established Tatsuno India and Commenced Servicing operations
Commenced supply of fuel dispensers to private oil companies
Pre 2000
First Fuel Dispensers Commissioned for BPCL in 1995, HPCL in 1997, IOCL in 1999
Why Choose Tatsuno India?

Our high-quality products and services enable clients to experience streamlined business operations, which contributes to their expansion. We have an experienced R&D team

  • Tatsuno: Pioneer, leader in petroleum solutions.
  • Integrated petroleum solutions: manufacture, sell, maintain. Safety.
  • World-renowned products: durable, advanced, consistent performance.
  • Tatsuno India Private Limited: ISO-certified, Japanese-supervised facility,continuous improvement.
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Contact us for innovative Fuel Dispenser solutions and reliable service.

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