LPG Dispenser

Safest And Most Accurate LPG Dispensing Units In The World With The Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership.

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Tatsuno LPG dispensers provide safe and quick filling of LPG while ensuring high accuracy over an increased flow range. Since there are no moving parts in the meter, the cost of maintenance is very low resulting in a significantly low total cost of ownership.


  • The most advanced Electronics with built-in high-precision temperature converter which quickly responds to the LPG temperature and adjust the fuelling volume.
  • Single-touch keypad for pre-set volume/amount filling allows accurate setting of LP gas volume to meet the customer’s individual request.
  • Easy-to-use, quick-coupling nozzle with swivel joint allows easy, secure coupling of the filling tube with the on-board gas container.
  • Options of Automatic Temperature Compensator, Temperature Sensor inside the ERA, Remote Diagnostics features for preventive maintenance and remote monitoring etc.
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