Underground Fuel Tank Cleaning Services

Impure fuel is a big problem for any fuel station as it breaks down important equipment like submersible turbine pumps, dispensing units, etc., and costs a lot of money owing to such a breakdown. 

The Tatsuno underground fuel tank cleaning system uses equipment that can be used with ease, is safe, takes much less time, and is mounted on a vehicle making it mobile. Tatsuno specializes in cleaning:

Tatsuno’s underground fuel tank cleaning system is fast, effective, and cost-efficient. It can be used to clean all kinds of fuel tanks like:

  • Petrol Tank
  • Diesel Tank
  • Hydrocarbon Tank

We also provide AMC for our fuel tank cleaning services and make sure the asset and people are as safe as possible with the least amount of downtime.

  • Quick, efficient & economical process which cleans all types of fuels
  • Non-hazardous operation as fuel is re-circulated and not stored separately
  • Lower downtime in outlet operation as tanks do not need to be emptied
  • Water is separated from fuel in the same operation
  • A standard 20 KL tank can be cleaned in around 3 hours

Petrol Tank Cleaning Service

Without requiring physical access, Tatsuno’s petrol tank cleaning service makes sure that petrol tanks are cleaned. Continuous gas monitoring is done to make sure that the place of work and the area right around it are safe for workers and don’t pose a fire risk.

Cleaning Method: Emptying the tank, degassing it, cleaning it with chemicals

Service Location: PAN India

Properties Served: Industrial

Frequency: As per client’s need or AMC

Duration Of Service: 1-2 days

Diesel Tank Cleaning Service

Tatsuno has extensive expertise in cleaning diesel tanks and removing all hydrocarbons according to the owner’s specifications. The cleaning systems for these tanks are made in-house using the best tank cleaning machines. 

Our diesel tank cleaning service makes sure that there is the least downtime and that the property and staff are as safe as possible.

Cleaning Method: Tank entry that’s non-manual

Service Location: PAN India

Properties Served: Private installations, petrol pumps

Frequency: As per the client’s need or AMC

Duration Of Service: < 1 week

Hydrocarbon Tank Cleaning Service

Tatsuno prioritizes safeguarding human lives and keeping them safe, thus we provide hydrocarbon tank cleaning services without letting people into enclosed areas.

We clean tanks that hold hydrocarbons without going inside them. It is done in a few steps: first, the tank is emptied, then the gas is released, and finally, chemicals are used to clean the closed loop.

Cleaning Method: Tank entry that’s non-manual, Use of flame-proof equipment

Service Location: PAN India

Properties Served: Automobile industry, Manufacturing industry, Chemical industry

Frequency: As per client’s need or AMC

Duration Of Service: Flexible time

HFO Tank Cleaning Service

Most of the oil businesses and terminals choose manual oil tank cleaning. Mobile scaffolding is set up inside the tank, and people who are cleaning it stand on the provisional platforms to jet the surface of the shell.

We’ve made cleaning systems that use complete 360-degree Impingement Technology and let only a few people into small spaces. We have built and designed systems to clean both white and black oils, like Diesel, Kerosene, Petroleum, and ATF, as well as HFO, FO, and Crude oil.

Minimum order requirement: 1 Tank

Service Location: PAN India

Frequency: As per client’s need or AMC

Duration Of Service: Depends on the capacity of the tank

Industrial Oil Tank Cleaning Services

Our efficient underground fuel tank cleaning systems use 360-degree Impingement Technology that facilitates minimum human access in confined spaces. Our industrial oil tank cleaning systems are customized for cleaning crude/ black oils. 

Using enzyme technology and/or mechanical separation, we are able to collect up to 80% of the oil that is leftover in the tank. We reuse the wash fluid to use the least amount of water and chemicals.

Minimum order requirement: 1 Tank

Service Location: PAN India

Frequency: As per client’s need or AMC

Service Duration: Depends on the tank capacity

Need and Benefits of Fuel Tank Cleaning

  • No going into confined spaces. Tanks need not be cleaned manually.
  • Every surface inside the tank is reached and cleaned using  360-degree Impingement Technology.
  • No contamination of water is possible because water is not used to fill the tank or clean it.
  • Degassing is not necessary.
  • If the tank is for petrol or diesel, it will be down for less than 6 hours.
  • Since diesel is used to clean the diesel tank, there is no need to add any additional substance that would need to be removed before adding diesel again to the tank.
  • The tank is checked before and after it is cleaned.
  • The least number of persons needed to clean the inside of the tank, including the bottom plates, shell plates, roof, and all systems inside the tank.
  • Less water and chemicals are used because the wash fluid is used over and over again.
  • Less downtime for the tank.

Explore Our Tank Cleaning Products

  • ISO Tank Cleaning System
  • Bottom Sampler
  • Tanker Sampler
  • Density Measurement Kit

Highlights of Tatsuno In-Tank Fuel Cleaning Technology

  • Cleans ethanol blended petrol and diesel products
  • Water and sludge are separated from fuel in the process
  • Filtration of tank products to 10-micron grade
  • Cleans the fuel in the tank without having to remove products from it
  • Facilitates least human intervention
  • No human entry is required in the UGT
  • Easy, fast, and safe
  • A report confirming the grade of 10 micron is issued
  • Vehicle-mounted mobile system
  • No handling or spillage of products
  • Sealed structure assures safe operation with almost no evaporation
  • Non-hazardous operation
  • Tatsuno system can clean simultaneously 2 tanks in an average time of 4 hours
  • Avoids moisture building and corroding of the tank and thus leakage of the tank
  •  No sludge collection at the bottom of the tank
  • The clean product reduces the frequency of breakdown maintenance
  • Increases the life of STP, and fuel dispenser and avoids the costly replacement of equipment
  • More satisfied customers as the life of vehicle engine increase with less contaminated products
  • Less pollution from vehicle engines, keeping the environment cleaner
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