Sunny XE

Sunny XE - Island Mounted Dispensing Units

Tatsuno offers dispensing units in a wide variety of configurations ranging from single and double nozzle up to 8 nozzles per equipment in both suction and pressure types. Tatsuno dispensing units are renowned for accurate fuelling over a longer span of life, at the same time offers operational functions for easy handling and a variety of transaction information.

  • Excellent measuring accuracy over a long time with high precision Tatsuno meter

  • With the Industry leading bipolar, potted magnetic pulser without any moving parts

  • AES-128-bit data encryption, family integrity and a host of other features to ensure secure and tamper-proof fuelling

  • Better quality and durability with lower total cost of ownership

  • Large LCD counter with superb night visibility and the easily removable wide-mouthed nozzles significantly improve operating efficiency.