Non Space Type SN08

Overhead/Non-Space Type Dispensing Units

Tatsuno Space-fill ceiling suspension type petrol dispensing pump can be equipped with all safety measures and a variety of convenient functions. Its fuelling hoses, display units, pumps, meters, etc. take up no ground space in the fuelling area.

  • Does not occupy any floor space leaving the forecourt completely free of installed dispensing equipment and removes all potential accidental damages to the dispensing unit

  • Suitable for small retail outlets with small fueling area and locations where land cost is very high

  • Since underground pipe lines and cables are not routed through forecourt area, maintenance of these will not affect the sales of forecourt

  • Up to 3 fueling positions and 3 various products available on the same equipment

  • With the Industry leading bipolar, potted magnetic pulser without any moving parts, AES-128-bit data encryption and a host of other features to ensure secure and tamper-proof fueling