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Korea Tatsuno was founded in 1970 and is slowly approaching its 50 years of existence. Similarly to Tatsuno Corporation, Korea Tatsuno has been producing fuel dispensers of the highest quality and supplying them to the Korean market as well as providing installation and maintenance services.

9-2, Wonmi-Dong, Wonmi-Gu,Pucheon-City, Kyounggi-Do, Korea

Shanghai Tatsuno Corporation was established in 2002 and later became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tatsuno Corporation. After the establishment and the introduction of Japanese know-how, Shanghai Tatsuno has been producing fuel dispenser, flow meters and other components of superior quality that meet all of their customers’ demands.


Established in Thailand in 1989, Tatsuno Thailand (formerly known as Tatsuno Engineering & Service) is a manufacturer of fuel dispensing pumps and POS systems, and also carries out maintenance and repair works of fuel dispensers, POS systems and other components. Tatsuno (Thailand) Co., Ltd. also provides spare parts for its products as well as technical training.


Tatsuno Europe was established on the bases of Tatsuno-Benc Europe, a company which started as a joint venture of Tatsuno Corporation and a Czech company Benc. Tatsuno Europe was established in 2011 as result of Tatsuno Corporation’s share increase. Since then, Tatsuno Europe is taking a lead role in the design, production and sales of OCEAN and SHARK Series dispensers for gasoline, LPG and other fuels.


Tatsuno Rus was created in 2011 from its predecessor S-Benc, a Russian company founded in 1997 in the Russian city of Ryazan by Czech company Benc. Since 2011, Tatsuno Rus has been producing fuel dispensers and nozzles, as well as providing maintenance and repair services in various regions of Russia along with the gas station planning and construction works.

Prizheleznodorozhnaya 10 building Н8, Ryazan 390042, Russia

Established in 2013, Tatsuno Engineering & Service Malaysia concentrates on the sales of fuel dispensers as well as their maintenance and repair service.

M7, Jalan ML16, ML16 Industrial Park, 43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Established in 2017, Tatsuno North America is the newest member of Tatsuno Group with its office based in Los Angeles, California.


Founded in 1911, Tatsuno has been a leader in the manufacturing and selling of gasoline meters and fuel dispensers in Japan. Since our establishment, we have focused on the precise measurement of fuel and ensuring safe and secure refueling. Our journey began in 1919 when we successfully manufactured the first gasoline meter in Japan, and ever since, we have made it the cornerstone of our business. In addition to manufacturing and selling equipment, we construct and design petrol stations, fuel storage facilities, and refueling infrastructure. Our fuel dispensers and nozzles are developed with accuracy and reliability, which ensure safe and efficient refueling. We have a strong presence in the domestic market, with over 60% market share for gasoline weighing machines, and we export our products to more than 75 countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, contributing to the global expansion of automobile infrastructure.

Prizheleznodorozhnaya 10 building Н8, Ryazan 390042, Russia
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