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Tatsuno India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Tatsuno Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment for the petroleum retail industry established in Tokyo, Japan in 1911. Tatsuno developed the first petrol dispensing pump, a metering and pumping system for service stations in Japan in 1919, from which the business has continued to expand.


What We Do?

Tatsuno India Private Limited is a fuel dispenser manufacturer in India and is engaged in the production of a wide variety of fuel dispenser products. Because of the outstanding efficiency of the fuel dispenser that we manufacture, we are the most trusted fuel dispenser pump manufacturers in India.

Conforming to global industry standards, our presented range of products is manufactured using premium-quality components and cutting-edge technology. We offer fuel transfer pumps suited for automotive and industrial uses.

We are a 100-year-old company with more than 2500 patents granted.

Our Products

Our extensive range of fuel dispenser products includes the Sunny XE Variant, the Sunny XE, Non-space pumps, the LPG Dispenser, Solar Dispenser, and other products such as nozzles & accessories and HDPE pipes.

Our Services

Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Equipment

Tatsuno recognizes after sales service as a critical component of its business and ensures that customers receive service of as high a quality and reliability as with the equipment we supply

HDPE Pipe Installation

Hands on experience in installation works of flexible pipeline & has executed the jobs in oil industry. Team of skilled technicians for pipeline works with decades of experience. Non sparking tools and advanced welding machines being used for the piping jobs.

Facilities Maintenance

Tatsuno is a one stop solution provider for the maintenance of all facilities at retail outlets like diesel generators, electrical & plumbing, tire inflators, civil works,signage, etc.

Underground Fuel Tank Cleaning Services

Unclean fuel is a major problem for any petroleum retail outlet as it causes damage to critical equipment like dispensing units, Submersible Turbine Pump etc.

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Why Choose Tatsuno India?

As the best fuel dispenser pump manufacturers in India, we are committed to providing products and services that meet the requirements of our clients. We assist our global clients in deploying cutting-edge technology that enables businesses to increase revenue, decrease operating expenses, and improve customer service.

Our high-quality products and services enable clients to experience streamlined business operations, which contributes to their expansion. We have an experienced R&D team for constant innovation. We are the petrol pump machine manufacturer in India, that persists in creating value for our clients through constant technological advancement.

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