Tatsuno develops a wide variety of equipment necessary for gas stations. In addition to boasting an overwhelming share of the Japanese market for equipment such as petrol dispensing pumps, automatic change machines and POS systems, Tatsuno's products include car washes, underground tank-related devices, delivery-related devices, eco-energy-related devices, devices for oil plants, etc.

Sunny XE
Choose from a range of models suitable for a variety of SS styles, from full service to self-service.
Sunny GII
Basic type of dispensing pump with excellent performance.
Non Space Type SN08
Operations can be manually controlled and checked, and the fueling status is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display.  

LPG Dispenser
Three outstanding models integrated to handle the busiest times.
Nozzles and Accessories
Tatsuno supplies better automatic standard & prepay nozzles.
Lobe Flow Meter
Next-generation flow meter with high-precision measurement capability, excellent durability and compact design. 
Safety Loading Arm
Sensors automatically detect the oil level and the overflow prevention function shuts the valve when an abnormality occurs. 

Stationary Level Gauge
Simple and economic solution for delivery verification and theft protection