Installation Testing of Fuel Storage Tank and Supply Lines

Installation testing means the precision testing of fuel storage and supply lines prior to their first use. It involves a two-stage testing – pre burial and post burial of fuel storage tank and the pipe lines from the tank to dispensers. The pre-bury test is carried out prior to concreting to confirm the integrity of the system and any minor leak identified will be repaired by the installer. When the pre-bury test confirms that all connections, fittings, lines and tanks are perfect, the underground tank and lines are buried. Post bury testing ensures the system has not been disrupted during back fill and concreting.

Leighton O’Brien Underground Tank and Line Testing

Leighton O’Brien develops software and field technologies for fuel retailers. Underground storage tanks that contain petroleum may pose a safety hazard and significant financial liability to the owner in case of a leak. The tank testing should ensure that there is no leakage. Tatsuno is a partner of Leighton O’Brien in India and offers their advanced computer based testing of tanks. Tank testing involves pressure testing and wet static testing of the tank shell below the product and the ullage including vent, fill and dip tube.


  • Able to test at any product level, including empty tanks

  • Able to test any product, including water

  • Test time: 45 minutes to 2 hours; multiple tanks can be tested same time – 5 tanks and 32 lines can be tested per day.

  • Minimum down time for sites

Line Testing

A piping system shall be considered to be leaking when pressure variations that occur after stabilization and within the test time period are greater than two percent of the test pressure or vacuum. Testing can be done for both rigid and flexible pipe lines in dry or wet state.


  • Fast and accurate testing – simultaneous line testing during tank ullage test.

  • Reduced liquid handling.

  • Rigid, flexible and steel lines can be tested.

  • System can handle thermal warming/cooling of lines due to static test.