Cleaning of Product in the Underground Tank

Unclean fuel is a major problem for any petroleum retail outlet as it causes damage to critical equipment like dispensing units, Submersible Turbine Pump etc. and results in heavy losses of sales due to breakdown. The conventional system of tank cleaning requires emptying out the product from the tank and manual cleaning and takes up 3-4 days to complete the process. Tatsuno tank cleaning system makes use of mobile    equipment mounted on a vehicle which is safe, easy and takes much less time.


·         Quick, efficient & economical process which cleans all type of fuels

·         Non-hazardous operation as fuel is re-circulated and not stored separately

·         Lower down time in outlet operation as tanks do not need to be emptied

·         Water is separated from fuel in the same operation

·         A standard 20 KL tank can be cleaned in around 3 hours