Service Continuity Plan amid COVID-19 Outbreak
As you may already know, Tatsuno remains open to business and committed to ensure that you face no disruption in work amid the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
Our employees have been oriented on measures to adapt to travel safely, stay healthy and hygienic as well as exercise social distancing.
With stringent measures being in place to try and curb the spread of COVID-19, our office facilities too were connectivity enabled, facilitated for seamless transition to work as before using virtual means (interactive audio-video conferencing applications, collaborative file sharing platforms allowing secured real-time communication and meetings with multiple participants across different locations over computers, hand-held devices; communication over emails, voice calls, texts remains undisrupted).
All our official documents are filed electronically that can be retrieved through authorised and secured remote access from the server or on cloud, should they be required.
Also, in line with the Government directive that digitally signed invoices be accepted, treated as legal fiscal documents, we have gone digital and submitted as well as shall submit our invoices in soft copy mode along with supporting documents to your email ID registered with us. We seek your cooperation to have an online acknowledgment, thereafter, enabling the release of payment of our invoices by their due dates.
Last but not the least, we thank you for your patronage and assuring you that our teams are working tirelessly, standing fully committed to deliver the existing orders as well as look forward to your new valuable orders.