Construction & Projects

Construction of Retail Outlets:

Tatsuno has a long history in the construction of a wide range of fuel supply facilities for private-use filling stations, factories, administrative buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. Tatsuno relies on a comprehensive flow from planning and design to construction and maintenance to provide optimum systems, regardless of scale. We undertake construction of retail outlets which involves both green field and brown field projects. Our exposure to global standards and vast experience in retail outlet construction for multi-national oil companies helps us to ensure compliance to benchmarked global HSE norms in retail outlet construction.


  • Experienced staffs who have worked with both Indian PSUs & multi-national oil companies

  • Technical inputs from our principal, M/s. Tatsuno Corporation, Japan who have decades of experience in the construction of retail outlets

  • Focus on Health, Safety, Security and Environment

  • Continuously evolving technology that enables safe construction in a short span of time

Engineering Projects

Tatsuno has done specialized engineering projects for MNCs in petroleum and oil sector.

The services offered include design and engineering of the complete plant, installation and fabrication of overhead tanks, pipe lines and filtration systems in stand-alone and automation modes. Tatsuno also specializes in the maintenance of plants and storage systems, piping, structural work, storage tank fabrication and all kind of equipment erection activities.


  • Turn-key project handling

  • Engineering and design capabilities

  • Procurement and supply of system components

  • End to end system commissioning

  • Focus on safety