Tatsuno India Private Limited provides On-Site Maintenance and Technical Support for a wide range of fuelling systems and associated facilities at retail stations. Services include analysis of failures, integration/installation of fuelling equipment, help desk, information security, Operations & Maintenance  (O&M), logistics services. Since its inception, Tatsuno India Private Limited services has built a solid performance legacy and has extensive experience in managing large , technically diverse contracts with geographically dispersed performance locations. Tatsuno India Private Limited services has a strong reputation for excellence based on understanding its customer's requirements and offering optimum resources including the right technology and competent personnel to meet those requirements.

Assessment of service & equipment performance in quantified terms is the criteria on which we continually rate ourselves. The parameters are divided into HSSE and maintenance KPIs. HSSE KPIs comprise of Goal Zero, NMPI reporting & closure and HSSE on job audit. Maintenance KPIs comprise equipment down time, adherence to preventive maintenance schedule and mean-time between failures.

We provide a 24x7 contact center for our clients, which is available for field engineer ordering, escalation and information purposes. Also, we provide a 24x7 service desk staffed with skilled and experienced supporting engineers who monitor and manage coordination between the client and our on-site field engineer. Our professionals manage on-site operations, handle coordination between the field engineer and customer, and have access to an extensive knowledge base including technical documentation.

When a help desk specialist is not immediately available via telephone, the customer will be offered the following options: hold for the next available help desk specialist or leave a voice mail message. Live calls, voice mail and email are all responded to on a first-come-first served basis. Initial contact from an email or voice mail request during regular business hours is made within 1 hour of receipt of that message.