Company Profile

Tatsuno India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Tatsuno Corporation, Japan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment and systems for the petroleum retail industry with a two-decade relationship with oil companies in India. 

Tatsuno Corporation was set up more than a century ago and has since grown to today become a universally recognised manufacturer of innovative and cutting edge technology products for the Petroleum Retail Industry. Based on the company's creed, which includes the principle of providing customers with a "constant supply of fresh technology”, Tatsuno has grown from a single product company to offer a wide range of products and services which have come to signify the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. It constantly endeavours to create unique and futuristic products that help its customers conduct their business in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Tatsuno prides itself on the reliability and robustness of its products, resulting from its rigorous approach to manufacturing and testing. There is no compromise on Quality. Tatsuno products and components, including its pumping and metering unit are world renowned for their durability and consistent performance. Proof of Tatsuno’s commitment to innovation is exemplified in the fact that Tatsuno presently owns more than 2,450 patents, utility patents and registered designs. Pure and simple, this is the source of Tatsuno's strength. 

Tatsuno Corporation's network extends to every corner of the globe. The manufacture, sale and maintenance of Tatsuno products take place at various locations in Asia, and the products enjoy widespread use in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and Africa, making Tatsuno a truly global organization. Tatsuno has set up production facilities in Thailand, Korea, China, Czech Republic and South Africa to service increasingly demanding markets all over the world. Tatsuno has lately made its biggest investment outside of Japan, to set up a manufacturing facility and a service network in India.

Reliable service support to Tatsuno’s wide range of products is the foundation of Tatsuno’s global standing. It is Tatsuno’s stated policy that it does not enter a market without setting up a sound service back-up for its products. As a continuation of its “Service First” policy, the Indian operations of Tatsuno was set up in the form of Tatsuno India Private Limited, about 2 years back to support Tatsuno supplies in the Indian market.

Tatsuno India has commissioned its state of the art manufacturing facility for dispensing units for oil and gas and other related equipment at Taloja, Navi Mumbai. The Company’s projects and service offerings include turnkey construction, facilities maintenance, installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment and systems, logistics and distribution of products related to the petroleum retail industry and allied businesses.